Don't be delayed! Perform this good habit of managing finances

Maybe you've heard the discourse that mention, your habit will determine your future. It sounds simple, but in reality it's very true. So also in terms of managing finances. It will ultimately determine what your future financial condition would be like. Is it going to be rich? Or even poor. If you do not want to experience the last situation, let's start to undergo good habits in managing finances.

Imagine that at this moment personal financial conditions still carut Marut due to too wasteful. But already have a regular monthly income but can not be enjoyed because it is always less every end of the month. If it were so, what would continue to endure the condition? Don't! Time to self instrospection, find out why your financial condition is still a mess. Look again, maybe we don't run good financial habits. What are the habits? Here it is.

1. diligently saving every month

1. diligently saving every month

The invitation has often been listened to. Saving is a very important thing for our lives, not only now, but also in the future. Only by saving, our lives can be more serene and will feel comfortable because future expenditures are already prepared.

Regardless of your monthly income, try to set aside at least 10% of the total money earned each month. If you get a big salary, try the bigger percentage again. Because, the bigger the money you saved, the more money you can save to ensure the future.

2. Can shop intelligently

2. Can shop intelligently

It is absolutely needed by women, especially those who have been family. In fact, we are already aware and do not want to undergo excessive spending habits. However, the consequences of not being able to withstand high appetite, the hope eventually becomes forgotten. Imagine that one time our family was sick, but because the money was over spent, what would it do? Confused right?

There is a solution that can help us to avoid it. One of them by making a priority scale. You can only shop according to your needs and budget made in special notes. That way, we can save more so there is enough excess funds to invest.

3. Record expenses and regular income

It is very easy to do. Because the method is relatively simple and can be applied to anyone. The goal is clear, so you're easier to control spending. By recording, we can see more details of each turnover of money within a certain period of time. But don't just take notes, make this note as a reference to make changes and improve the financial habits that are not good. Don't get bigger stakes than Poles.

4. Always creative to save

4. Always creative to save

There are different ways you can do the frugality. People who have this habit usually always have a different way if you want to save money every month. For example, one of the ways that can be done is with an envelope system. Later he can help you limit spending and more discipline to use the funds in the Debit Card machine.

To run it, you only make a substantial withdrawal in the Debit Card with a considerable amount of money. Later, the funds will be placed on the envelope as a month-long spending budget. While the money still in the Debit Card is a saving that can not be touched, except in conditions that are very forced. With this system, we will be forced to survive with the funds in the envelope until the payday date. Want to try it?

5. Have insurance

5. Have insurance

One good habit of managing finances is to have insurance. "You do not have to pay premium?" Indeed, but do not be seen from that angle alone, see also the benefits that can be gained. We can apply insurance purchases such as life insurance and health insurance.

Life insurance serves to protect the family from losing the income of a person who becomes a family focus if he dies. While health insurance serves to address financial risks due to illness. It can even be a substitute for a living because the main lender can't work when it hurts.

6. Dislike indebtedness

6. Dislike indebtedness

Do you know that our lives sometimes cannot be separated from debt? Yes, credit card debts, home loans, car credits, and more. Debts, especially those that are consumptive can harm us because their interest can be very burly. For example, the interest rate of the credit card used to shop the original was only 2.95% per month or 35.4% per year. However, if researched again, it turns out he is higher than the deposit which is only about 7% per year, even investing in the capital market is about 15% per year.

If this is the case, Habislah your money if it continues to make debts as a funding solution. Never keep debt, but take control of him to realize a stable financial condition.

7. Good at investing

7. Good at investing

Many people are afraid to invest because they feel they don't have enough money. Whereas it's a big one, now it's been a lot of investment instruments that only need funds ranging from Rp 100.000 to the millions even billions. For example, we may be able to invest in funds that can already be done from Rp 100.000.

If you have more funds, you can buy gold or other precious metals, save on deposits, buy stocks, buy property, and more. The investment component has a wide range of advantages and disadvantages as well as the risks. So, want to choose which one?

Start a good habit of regulating finances

Want to start when to start the above habits? 
Don't be delayed anymore, start now! Because it can not wait anymore, especially for those of you who already have chronic financial problems. Remember, basically every individual can live up to the financial abilities he possesses. However, because of the bad habits of managing finances, then that happens we always feel deprived. So, let's start doing good habits in managing finances.

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