3 Best Indonesian beaches in the world you need to visit

The beauty of the beach in Indonesia is undoubtedly, seen from the many foreign tourists who come to visit. What we often see is the beach in Bali while other beaches you may not know. 100 the world's best beach version of CNN where there are 3 beaches in Indonesia including.
3 Best Indonesian beaches in the world you need to visit
3 Best Indonesian beaches in the world you need to visit
This proves that the nature of Indonesia is potentially quite potential for local and foreign people's tourism places. The beauty of the beach can pamper the eyes and relax the fatigue after a busy work. The three beaches are on Derawan Island (63 position), Canggu Beach-Bali (position 39) and Nihiwatu-Sumba Beach (17th position).

The three best Indonesian beaches in the world are also among the best according to my own version. We can see its beauty even though I see only in the media of the image/photo. In the future, my family can walk to the beautiful place. What about you whether interested in visiting it.

3 Best Indonesian beaches in the world you need to visit

1. Nihiwatu Beach-Sumba

Nihiwatu Beach-Sumba

Nihiwatu Beach-Sumba

The location of Nihiwatu Beach is located in the West Sumba area at Profinsi NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur). The location is 30 kilometers from the city of Waikabubak. To achieve it requires a long enough journey but to be close to a clean beach atmosphere and can see the amazing sunset.

The waves also quite attracted the attention of world surfers to conquer. In addition, the white sand beach has a length of 2.5 km. In addition there is also Villa lodging that you can use with your spouse in the honeymoon or with family. There are also world-class hotel facilities that can be your choice.

2. Canggu Beach-Bali

Canggu Beach-Bali

Canggu Beach-Bali

Who is not familiar with the beauty of the beach in Bali. Canggu Beach is located in the area of Canggu village, North Kuta District, Badung regency of Bali. Quite famous in Dunai so no wonder many tourists spend time there. In addition, the newly married couple spent their first night on the Bali.

Not less beautiful with Nihiwatu beach because here also the scenery can be fresh enough brain. There are surf spots with high waves, there is a place to enjoy the sunset and there are also equestrian attractions. No less interesting there are also culinary spots that can be your adventure place.

3. Derawan Beach

Derawan Beach

Derawan Beach

Beach this one is in the area where I live but must travel quite far from Samarinda using Travel car. If you use a ship or a plane down in Balikpapan just continue using a land vehicle. The trip is quite fun because after arriving at Tanjung REDEP you must cross the Boat.

There are many interesting facilities that you can get from cheap lodging, Spot Snorkeling in Derawan and others. Here you will not find the high waves to surf but the clarity of the water we can dive and can see all the content in the water. Beautiful fish and other sea animals you can see clearly.

That's the 3 best beaches in the world that you should visit. Prepare enough funds to visit it in order to use all the facilities provided. If you have visited these 3 attractions please share your experience in the comments field. Congratulations and hopefully your Traveling fun!!!

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